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“Brilliant! Don't let appearances deceive you.”

Whilst on holiday, my husband fancied fish and chips for dinner. We had a look at some of the other restaurants, but chose The Coddy Shack based on price and the other reviews. What a brilliant place!

First, don't be fooled by the appearance. It is a shack, plain and simple. It looks like a tiny fish and chip shop as you walk in. The restaurant area is small, and the floor has an approximately 30 degree list. This is not a plush restaurant, with soft comfy chairs, but as I pointed out to my family, it reminded me a lot of some of the little restaurants I had used in European cities.

And the food? The food is the first reason why you should look beyond the obvious. Large cod is LARGE. The standard haddock that my husband chose was two fillets, with minimal bones. The chips are chunky and hand cut. My Fowey mussels were delightful, and served with proper inch thick granary bread.

The service is excellent also. Friendly staff, and very quick. We arrived just after three other tables, and yet we did not have to wait long for our food. According to one of the other diners, this place is also one of the few restaurants serving genuinely fresh fish.

Overall? Look beyond the lack of décor, and the slightly rough appearance and enjoy the food

Jo Pilsworth


“Best Fish Restaurant in the UK”

We came down to Looe from London last weekend for a friend's birthday and had booked a table in the Coddy Shack for the Saturday night as we had heard very good things about the restaurant. I can now say that what we heard was so wrong, the food was not very good it was truly amazing! We eat out a lot in London and have been to some really good restaurants in recent years but nothing compares to the Coddy Shack for service, ambience and most importantly the food. I had the scallops followed by the Mussels and my wife had the Cod (a hint to first timers unsure of what to order - the restaurant was started by local celebrity and Chef, Colin the Cod).

We deliberately arranged our weekend to coincide with one of the Coddy Shack's live music nights and were thoroughly entertained by 'The Retro Gents' who played a really good set and interacted really well with the audience.

If you are looking for a real taste of Cornwall and amazing seafood or just fancy fish and chips for dinner (they also do take-away) then make the trip to The Coddy Shack, I guarantee you will not regret it!

Geoff M


“Best little chip shop in Cornwall!”

Having just arrived in Looe we headed for this little gem. This 'plaice' is a little tucked away and may have the outwardly appearance of a garden shed but do not pass it by. If you do you'll miss a warm welcome, fantastic fish and chips to die for. Ok, it isn't cheap, but you get what you pay for, and what you pay for here are the best in the region!

Tim M 



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